Pet Training Commands in FluffyTouch

FluffyTouch is The perfect Training Center for Your Dog/Cat !

Basic Commands

We have best certified trainers to teach your puppy in best manner at your doorstep. Teaching and training your dog basic commands and cues is a fun and rewarding experience for us.

  • Name
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Come

Advanced Commands

For dogs who have already mastered basic training skills, our advanced training tips mean your dog will be better behaved and ready to participate in any pet show or event.

  • Walk Faster
  • Down Head-down
  • wait
  • Put away
  • Find it
  • Leave it
  • Hold it
  • Drop it
  • Heel
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Walk Slower

Dog Tricks

When your pup knows basic dog training, it's time to teach them some cool dog tricks. Trick training is becoming increasingly popular and we teach a few tricks in Canine Good Citizen classes.

  • High Five
  • Wave Goodbye
  • Shake hands
  • Roll over
  • Spin
  • Weave through legs
  • Kiss
  • Tuck yourself in bed
  • Moon walk

About Us

FluffyTouch is aim to groom and care your pets in Delhi NCR We have a dedicated trained and expert team to give a best services to your pet at your doorstep We always care pets like baby We focus "Pets are to be treated with care and gentle handling" Our groomers want your pet to feel fabulous as well as look it.

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